Carpet Cleaning Pricing*

2 Rooms- $100

3 Rooms- $130

4 Rooms- $160

5 Rooms- $190

Pet Treatment

$40 per area


$15 per area

Hallway up to 10ft-$15

Hallway over 10 ft- $20

Large Master Closet- $20

Stairs (up to 15 steps) $40

Note: There is a 2 room / $100 minimum

(Living Room/Dining Room Combos are equal to 2 rooms)

Each Additional Room- $30

*Please note that prices may change at anytime.

 Additional charges may apply for heavily soiled carpets,    excessive furniture to be moved, heavy pet hair/vacuuming

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning prices

starting at $.20 per square foot

Please call for more information and to schedule an estimate